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Electronics and Communication (100)
1 Advanced Digital Signal Processing -
Multirate and wavelets
2 Advanced Optical Communication
3 Broadband Networks: Concepts & Technology
4 Digital Communication
5 Information Theory and Coding
6 Transmission Lines and EM Waves
7 RF Integrated Circuits
8 Communication Engineering
9 Digital Signal Processing
10 Wireless Communication
11 Basic Electronics
12 Signals and Systems
13 Advanced 3G and 4G Wireless Mobile Communications
14 Digital Switching
15 Adaptive Signal Processing
16 Digital Computer Organization
17 Digital Image Processing
18 Digital Systems Design
19 Digital Voice and Picture Communication
20 MEMS and Microsystems
21 Neural Networks and Applications
22 Probability and Random Processes
23 Pattern Recognition and Application
24 Analog IC Design
25 Coding Theory
26 Semiconductor Device Modeling
27 VLSI Data Conversion Circuits
28 Digital Circuits and Systems
29 Electronics for Analog Signal Processing - I
30 Electronics for Analog Signal Processing - II
31 High Speed Devices and Circuits
32 Solid State Devices
33 VLSI Circuits
34 VLSI Technology
35 Basic Electrical Circuits
36 NOC:Basic Electrical Circuits
37 NOC:Digital Circuits and Systems
38 Circuits for Analog System Design
39 Digital System design with PLDs and FPGAs
40 Error Correcting Codes
41 Pattern Recognition
42 ARM Based Development
43 Embedded Software Testing
44 Advanced Logic Synthesis
45 Linux Programming and Scripting
46 NOC:Principles of Modern CDMA/MIMO/ OFDM Wireless Communications
47 NOC:Networks and Systems
48 NOC:Probability and Random Variables, Processes for Wireless Communications
49 Analog Circuits and Systems 1
50 Analog Circuits
51 Advanced VLSI Design
52 CMOS Analog VLSI Design
53 NOC:Microwave Integrated Circuits
54 NOC:Estimation for Wireless Communications/ MIMO/OFDM Cellular and Sensor Networks
55 NOC:Basic Tools of Microwave Engineering
56 NOC:Design and Simulation of DC-DC converters using Open Source Tools
57 NOC:Foundations of Wavelets and Multirate Digital Signal Processing
58 NOC:Error Control Coding: An Introduction to Linear Block code
59 NOC:Error Control Coding: An Introduction to Convolutional Codes
60 NOC:Digital Image Processing
61 NOC:Audio System Engineering
62 NOC:Fundamentals of MIMO Wireless Communication
63 NOC:Satellite Communication Systems
64 NOC:Digital Switching - I
65 NOC:Bayesian / MMSE Estimation for Wireless Comm. MIMO/OFDM Cellular and Sensor
66 NOC:Basic Building Blocks of Microwave Engineering
67 NOC:Discrete Time Signal Processing
68 NOC:An Introduction to Information Theory
69 NOC:Optical Communications
70 NOC:VLSI Design Verification and Test
71 Nanoelectronics: Devices and Materials
72 NOC:Millimeter Wave Technology
73 NOC:Design Principles of RF and Microwave Filters and Amplifiers
74 NOC:Digital VLSI Testing
75 NOC:Spread Spectrum Communications and Jamming
76 NOC:Photonic Integrated Circuits
77 NOC:Power System Analysis
78 NOC:Analog Communication
79 NOC:Modern Digital Communication Techniques
80 NOC:Design of Photovoltaic Systems
81 NOC:Enclosure Design of Electronics Equipment
82 NOC:Digital Speech Processing
83 NOC:Analog Circuits and Systems through SPICE Simulation
84 NOC:Basics of Software Defined Radios and Practical Applications
85 NOC:Analog IC Design
86 NOC:Design of Power Electronic Converters
87 NOC:Operation and Planning of Power Distribution Systems
88 NOC:Communication Networks
89 NOC:Signal Processing Techniques and its Applications
90 NOC:Circuit Analysis for Analog Designers
91 NOC:Design and Analysis of VLSI Subsystems
92 NOC:Digital Protection of Power System
93 NOC:Physics of Nanoscale Devices
94 NOC:Neural Science for Engineers
95 NOC:Nanophotonics, Plasmonics and Metamaterials
96 NOC:Power Electronics Applications in Power Systems
97 NOC:5G Wireless Standard Design
98 NOC:Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control
99 NOC:Low Voltage CMOS Circuit Operation
100 NOC:Analog Circuits and Systems