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Metallurgy and Material Sciences (88)
1 Electroceramics
2 Fuels Refractory and Furnaces
3 Introduction to Biomaterials
4 Materials and Energy balance in Metallurgical Processes
5 Optoelectronic Materials and Devices
6 Steel Making
7 Structure of Materials
8 Environmental Degradation of Materials
9 Advanced ceramics for strategic applications
10 Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
11 Principles of Physical Metallurgy
12 Processing of Semiconducting Materials
13 Science and Technology of Polymers
14 Advanced Materials and Processes
15 Advanced Metallurgical Thermodynamics
16 Physics of Materials
17 Electronic Materials, Devices and Fabrication
18 NOC:Fundamentals of Electronic Materials and Devices
19 NOC:Introduction to Reciprocal Space and its use in Solids
20 NOC:Analysis and Modeling of Welding
21 NOC:Fundamentals of optical and scanning electron microscopy
22 NOC:Phase Diagrams in Materials Science and Engineering
23 Advanced Characterization Techniques
24 Materials Characterization
25 NOC:Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
26 NOC:Fundamentals of Material Processing - I
27 NOC:Heat Treatment and Surface Hardening-I
28 NOC:Phase Field Modelling: The Materials Science,Mathematics & Computational Aspects
29 NOC:Introduction to Crystal Elasticity and Crystal Plasticity
30 NOC:Theory and Practice of Non Destructive Testing
31 NOC:Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials
32 NOC:Defects in Materials
33 NOC:Fundamentals of Material Processing - Part 2
34 NOC:Iron Making
35 NOC:Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
36 NOC:Material Science and Engineering
37 NOC:Principles of Polymer Synthesis
38 NOC:Nature And Properties Of Materials-An Introductory Course
39 NOC:Defects in Crystalline Solids - Part I
40 NOC:Corrosion - Part I
41 NOC:Advanced Materials and Processes
42 NOC:Elementary Stereology for Quantitative Metallography
43 NOC:Welding of Advanced High Strength Steels for Automotive Applications
44 NOC:Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials
45 NOC:Solar Photovoltaics: Principles, Technologies and Material
46 NOC:Defects in Crystalline Solids - Part II
47 NOC:Surface Engineering for Corrosion and Wear Resistance Application
48 NOC:Welding Processes
49 NOC:Creep Deformation of Materials
50 NOC:Friction and Wear of Materials: Principles and Case Studies
51 NOC:Corrosion - Part II
52 NOC:Fundamentals and Applications of Dielectric Ceramics
53 NOC:Nanotechnology, Science and Applications
54 NOC:Welding Metallurgy
55 NOC:Thermo-Mechanical And Thermo-Chemical Processes
56 NOC:Dealing with Materials Data: Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
57 NOC:Properties of Materials (Nature and Properties of Materials-III)
58 NOC:Diffusion in Multicomponent Solids
59 NOC:Modeling of Tundish Steelmaking Process in Continuous Casting
60 NOC:Fundamentals of X-ray Diffraction and Transmission Electron Microscopy
61 NOC:Aqueous Corrosion and Its Control
62 NOC:Ironmaking and Steelmaking
63 NOC:Powder Metallurgy
64 NOC:Cathodic Protection Engineering
65 NOC:Non-Metallic Materials
66 NOC:Scanning Electron/Ion/Probe Microscopy in Materials Characterization
67 NOC:Carbon Materials and Manufacturing
68 NOC:Corrosion Failures and Analysis
69 NOC:Nanomaterials and their Properties
70 NOC:Techniques of Material Characterization
71 NOC:Electrochemical Energy Storage
72 NOC:Texture in Materials
73 NOC:Mechanical Behavior of Materials
74 NOC:Mechanical Behaviour of Materials - Part I
75 NOC:Bulk Material Transport and Handling Systems
76 NOC:Mechanical Behaviour of Materials-Part II
77 NOC:Electronic Properties of the Materials: Computational Approach
78 NOC:Environmental Degradation and Surface Engineering
79 NOC:Fracture, Fatigue and Failure of Materials
80 NOC:Mine Closure and Sustainability Planning
81 NOC:Aluminium based Alloys and Metal Matrix Composites
82 NOC:Welding Science and Technology (Tamil)
83 NOC:Crystals, Symmetry and Tensors
84 NOC:Corrosion Protection Methods
85 NOC:Corrosion/Environmental Degradation/Surface Engineering
86 NOC:Fundamentals of Composite and Cellular Materials
87 NOC:Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials
88 NOC:Principles of Extractive Metallurgy